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How to carry your tote bag on a bike?

Comment porter son sac tote bag à vélo ?

The tote bag has established itself as a must-have fashion accessory, but using it on a bike can present certain challenges. Here are some tips and advice.

Which tote bag to choose?

Riding a bike while wearing a tote bag may seem straightforward, but it requires special attention when it comes to choosing the right model.

  • Choosing the right tote bag starts with size. It must be able to hold our essentials without being too bulky. We therefore avoid bags that are too big, which can hinder our movement on two wheels.
  • We also need to make sure that the handles are strong enough to support the weight of our belongings.
  • If you’re likely to encounter unpredictable weather conditions when you’re out and about on your bike, you’ll want a tote bag with a waterproof fabric, so you’re ready for the rain.

How safe is a tote bag when cycling?

The tote bag you choose shouldn’t block your view when you’re sitting on the bike. Heavier objects are stored at the bottom of the bag to keep the center of gravity low and improve stability when riding. Yes, it’s not easy to pedal with a tote bag on your shoulder… The ideal solution is to attach it to the bike. And to make sure it doesn’t fall off or swing around during our travels, the attachment must be well constructed.

What about a designer model?

For unfailing elegance, opt for a tote bag finished in nappa. Along with canvas, this high-quality leather lends a touch of luxury that develops a patina over time. And if the model you choose has handles, you can carry it in your hand when you’re off the bike.

Our selection: Dune and Faret from Maison FARET

Both tote bags benefit from the brand’s 8-in-1 concept: they can be attached and worn to the bike in several ways, and worn in several ways too. A waterproof pouch is supplied with the tote bag and can be slipped over it to protect it in extreme weather conditions.


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