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The concept of the bike bag developed by Maison FARET meets the requirements of all urban cyclists. As the models can be attached to the bicycle in various ways and carried according to your desires, they enhance your style from morning till night, from the office to an evening outing. While riding your bike, it’ll feel like a breath of freedom.


The bike bag concept developed by Maison Faret offers an 8-in-1 solution, providing several ways to attach your bag to the bicycle and various possibilities to carry it with you. It can be attached to the handlebar, the crossbar, the front basket, or the rear rack. It can be worn on the belt, with a handle, over the shoulder, or on the back with straps. Notably, the Cyclo model can also be fixed to the two rings of the saddle. This 8-in-1 concept is made possible thanks to the “FARET Bordeaux France” plate, a leather element present on all the brand’s models. The plate is sewn onto one side of the bike bag, allowing you to attach it to the bike using straps or wear it with a waist belt. Both the straps and belt are removable.


The FARET bike bag concept comes in several models, each with a name that pays homage to the brand’s Bordeaux origins: the Bordeaux Shoulder Bag, the Moulleau Messenger Bag, the Cyclo Mini Shoulder Bag Pouch, the Pyla Camera Bag Shoulder Bag, the Ferret Backpack, the Dune Rigid Tote Bag, the Arguin Mini Shoulder Bag, the Medoc Round Mini Shoulder Bag and the Faret Foldable Tote Bag.


Maison Faret’s creations are made of leather, with the hides sourced from Italy and naturally tanned. The Faret canvas is supple, strong, and waterproof. Exclusive to the brand, it is marked with the letter “F,” a reimagined design that traces back to 1907. The jewelry developed for the “Maison,” such as rings, buckles, or carabiners, is also signed with an “F.” To cater to all fashion preferences, Maison Faret offers 3 leather shades: black, brown, and khaki, and 5 canvas shades: black and white, black and red, black and gray, brown and beige, and multicolor. Each model comes with a waterproof pouch that slips over the bag and protects it in case of extreme weather.


With over a century of history, FARET is a French family brand with a unique style recognizable among all. The offered bags are primarily creations that express timeless elegance and the French way of life. Every detail of the design receives special attention. The FARET bicycle pannier combines refinement, fluidity, pure forms, functionality, authenticity, and modernity.


Maison FARET offers small leather goods to slide into your bag, such as cardholders, passport holders, and AirPods cases, as well as accessories like shoulder straps and belts to carry your bag in various ways. The FARET signature is found on each model.

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