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The history of a passion for cycling

It was in Bordeaux in 1907 that Gabriel Faret decided to create Cycles FARET, a company specialising in the construction and distribution of bicycles. A century later, Daniel Faret, his grandson, and Gilles Cirelli, his partner and associate, are continuing this passion and launching a collection of elegant and practical bags for cycling in the city.


Gabriel Faret was a bicycle manufacturer and distributor located in Bordeaux at the beginning of the 20th century. He quickly established Cycles FARET as a renowned company in the region, primarily due to the exceptional quality of the bicycle forks he produced. Soon, the victories by cyclists riding a Faret model further boosted the company’s success. Gabriel Faret became one of the first sponsors of the Tour de France and organisers of the Bordeaux-Arcachon cycle race.


There’s only one step from bicycles to cycling equipment, and Gabriel Faret took it in 1920. He began manufacturing oilskins and rubber mackintoshes to protect cyclists from the rain and wind. By 1925, he expanded his operations and set up his clothing workshop at 7 rue d’Alembert in Bordeaux, where the brand name is still inscribed on the building. His son, Michel, later joined the company, contributing to its rapid expansion. In the 1970s, FARET employed as many as 500 workers.


After several years spent imagining and designing collections for various entities in the fashion industry, Daniel Faret and Gilles Cirelli embarked on a new chapter. They decided to put their expertise at the service of Maison Faret and launched a concept of innovative bags adapted to the needs of cyclists along with a line of small leather goods and accessories.
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