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Why the FARET bag can be worn in any situation?

Pourquoi la sacoche FARET peut se porter en toute circonstance ?

With its 8-in-1 versatility, this bag is an essential companion for city residents. A must-have for those who ride their bikes every day.

The FARET bag comes in several models

The concept of the bag designed by Maison FARET comes in several models, each inspired by emblematic places in Bordeaux. Each bag bears the name of a neighborhood or location in the region, paying tribute to the brand’s roots. From the Bordeaux shoulder bag to the Moulleau messenger bag, and from the Cyclo mini shoulder bag clutch to the Dune rigid tote bag, each model offers a unique style that caters to the tastes and needs of urban cyclists.

The bag is 8-in-1

This bag is much more than a simple urban cycling accessory. Its 8-in-1 versatility is a true revolution offering multiple ways to be worn: at the waist for an elegant look, with a handle for a chic touch, as a shoulder bag for a casual style, over the shoulder for a modern look, or even with straps for a sporty approach. This flexibility allows it to adapt to all situations, whether for a day of work in the city or a leisurely weekend ride.

The bag attaches to the bike in various ways

Thanks to its clever attachment system, the bag can be fixed to the handlebars for convenient and quick use during the ride, to the crossbar for optimal stability, to the front basket for a retro touch, or to the rear rack for absolute comfort. The FARET Bag becomes an endearing travel companion, always within reach to make our daily life easier.

The bag has an intuitive and refined design

Carefully chosen materials ensure resistance to the test of time and weather, essential when cycling, while preserving the elegant and refined aesthetics of the brand. The compartments allow easy storage for our belongings, while ensuring optimal accessibility during our bike rides. The FARET Bag aims to be practical, functional, and aesthetic.

It is made with high-quality materials

All bags from the FARET brand are made of leather and canvas. The chosen leathers are of Timeless elegance, gaining patina over time and testifying to impeccable quality. The tanning is done naturally. The canvas used is both robust, flexible, and waterproof. The identity of the Maison is revealed through the delicate design of the letter “F”, subtly reinterpreted to adorn each bag. This refined imprint is also found in the jewelry specially developed for the brand, where rings, buckles, or carabiners proudly bear the signature of an elegant “FARET”.

A bag available in several leather and canvas colors

  • To satisfy the desires of every urban fashion enthusiast, Maison FARET offers an elegant color palette: three shades for leather, black, brown, and khaki, as well as five shades for canvas, ranging from black and white to daring combinations such as black and red, black and gray, brown and beige, and even a multicolored option.
  • Each model is sold with a waterproof pouch, a precious touch that slips over the bag to preserve it from the most extreme weather conditions.


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