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How to wear a bag shoulder strap for men with style?

Comment porter un sac bandoulière homme avec style ?

In recent years, the designer bag shoulder strap for men has become increasingly popular. Indeed, bags and handbags are no longer exclusively for women, and the leather goods market is adapting to this growing trend. And, of course, the world of cycling is no exception to this enthusiasm.

The bag shoulder strap for men: an unavoidable trend

Today, the bag shoulder strap for men is more trendy and essential than ever before. It has become a must-have item, adopted for its practicality as well as its fashionable appeal.

Whatever our dressing style, whether it’s chic, sporty, casual, classic, rock, or urban, we can find a bag shoulder strap model that perfectly suits our look. There are indeed numerous models of shoulder bags for men: camera bags, messengers, mini-bags, pouches, and more.

The bag shoulder strap for men: a style boost

The bag shoulder strap for men instantly elevates our look, adding a touch of style through its shape, design, and material. To make the right choice, we take into account the following


  • Our dressing style, whether it’s sporty, casual, urban, etc.
  • The intended use of the bag, for work, travel, evening events, or the weekend
  • The number and size of items we wish to carry: laptop, wallet, smartphone, keys, etc.
  • The materials, quality, finish, seams, jewelry, and accessories that complement the bag
  • The comfort, with slightly wider and padded shoulder straps, and the quality of the material
  • The color
  • The presence of a removable shoulder strap or a belt to carry the bag differently

Which shoulder strap for men to choose?    

With an urban outfit

For an urban outfit, we opt for a bag shoulder strap with a modern design and bold shape that adds a unique dimension to our look.

With a sporty look

If we prefer sneakers, hoodies paired with branded jeans, we choose a high-end bag with exclusive canvas and compartments to accommodate our tech gadgets and, of course, our camera. 

With a more formal style

We prioritize an elegant and well-crafted shoulder bag in nappa leather.

With a casual outfit

Jeans, cargo pants, cardigans, shirts, bermudas, T-shirts, blazers? We go for a multifunctional bag that offers unparalleled practicality with compartments for all our personal belongings.

The FARET selection

Bordeaux. An asymmetrical bag in leather and canvas.

Cyclo. A leather and canvas pouch bag.

Pyla. A zippered camera bag in leather and canvas. Dune. A rigid tote bag in leather and canvas.

Arguin. A trendy mini pouch bag in leather and canvas. Médoc. A round mini handbag in leather and canvas.

Faret. A soft and foldable tote bag in leather and canvas. Moulleau. A leather and canvas messenger bag.

Ferret. A leather and canvas backpack.

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