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What Is the Best Shoulder Bag for Cycling?

Quel est le meilleur sac porté épaule pour faire du vélo ?

The shoulder bag, in mini or XL version, is a fashion essential that accompanies us in our daily lives. However, what to do with our beautiful shoulder bag when riding in the city? Between the search for comfort, safety, and style, it’s essential to find clever solutions.

A Shoulder Bag with a Shoulder Strap


When cycling, stability and balance are essential, so choosing a shoulder bag equipped with a shoulder strap is key. Place the strap on the shoulder opposite to the side where you tend to place your hand on the handlebars. This way, the bag stays in place and won’t slip or interfere with your pedaling.

Shoulder bag with shoulder strap: Top models

FARET, specialist in high-end cycling bags, offers several models equipped with a shoulder strap, such as the asymmetric Bordeaux bag, the Moulleau messenger bag, the mini bags Cyclo, or Arguin, the Pyla camera bag, and the Dune or Faret tote bags.

A Shoulder Bag That Attaches to the Bike


If you plan to regularly carry a larger shoulder bag, commute in the city every day, or simply want to be more free in your movements, it is best to invest in a model that can be attached to different parts of the bike.

Shoulder bag with attachments: Top models

Maison FARET offers a concept of cycling bags that perfectly meets these needs. The several ways to attach the bag to the bike, such as at the handlebars, crossbar, front basket, or rear rack are made possible thanks to the FARET plate, a leather element present on all the brand’s models. Stitched on one side of the cycling bag or shoulder bag, the plate has notches where straps can be inserted to attach the bag to the bike. Of course, these straps can be completely removed for a more elegant stroll on foot.

Equip with Clever Accessories

Why ?

If your shoulder bag doesn’t have a shoulder strap long enough to be worn comfortably while cycling, opt for a detachable shoulder strap. Alternatively, you can use a waist belt to turn your mini bag into a fanny pack.

Shoulder bag: Top accessories

  • The FARET bag shoulder strap easily attaches to the brand’s bags using two carabiners. But that’s not all! Maison FARET has thought of everything by integrating a specific ring on the shoulder strap to attach accessories like the brand’s AirPods case. A great way to keep all essentials within reach.
  • Another accessory is the waist belt. By gliding it into the signature FARET leather plate located on the brand’s bags, it becomes possible to transform your bag into a fanny pack.


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