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Why we love the mini bag trend?

Pourquoi on aime la tendance mini sac ?

The mini bag trend has taken the fashion world by storm. With its irresistible charm, it has become a must-have accessory. The popularity of the small format keeps growing, this article compiles all the reasons that will make you fall in love with this essential fashion statement.

Why does the mini bag have an irresistible charm?

With its small size, the mini bag is both functional and elegant, adding a touch of delicacy to any outfit. Whether it’s a miniature bag or a more compact clutch, this accessory grabs attention everywhere. Additionally, the mini bag allows us to travel light while carrying the essentials, making it practical and functional.

How to wear the mini bag?

For an urban and sophisticated look, opt for a leather and canvas mini bag paired with an elegant dress or a suit. For a casual style, pair a mini shoulder bag with jeans and a t-shirt. Whatever the outfit, the mini bag adds a touch of elegance to the style.

Where to find a mini bag?

Maison FARET offers several mini bags suitable for the city.

  • The CYCLO model is a mini leather and canvas clutch with a shoulder strap. It pays homage to the toolkits that were on FARET cycles. 
  • The ARGUIN model is also a mini leather and canvas shoulder bag.

Which materials to prioritize?

Prioritize creations made from leather and canvas. The leather should be of high quality with natural tanning. The canvas should be soft, sturdy, and waterproof, especially when cycling in the city. Ideally, the model should come with a waterproof pouch to slide over it in case of heavy rains.

Which style of mini bag to choose?

With over a century of history, FARET is a French brand with a unique style recognizable among all. Its canvas & leather bags express timeless elegance and freedom of movement. Exclusive to the brand, the canvas is marked with the letter “F”, whose design, dating back to 1907, has been reimagined. The jewelry is additionally signed with an “F”. Several shades are available for the leather and canvas of the bags.

What to put in a mini bag?

Although mini bags are compact, they can contain what we need for the day or the evening. Opt for a minimalist cardholder, earphones, a mobile phone, and keys. The secret is to choose small-sized items and prioritize multifunctional accessories. Maison FARET offers small leather goods that is adapted and perfectly matched to the brand’s bags, such as cardholders, passport holders, and Airpods cases


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