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Bike Bags: How to Choose the Right Model?

Sacoches vélo : 7 critères pour choisir le bon modèle

Bike bags are essential when cycling. They should allow us to carry all our belongings easily and securely while, of course, enhancing our style, of course. Let’s take a closer look at the different criteria to consider when finding the ultimate bag.

Criterion #1: Bike bags of impeccable quality

Bike bags are our companions on the road, by our side from morning to night. To keep them beautiful, they must be of impeccable quality. Before choosing a model, we have to examine the materials used. It is better choosing a high-quality leather and canvas and important to pay attention to the finishing details.

Criterion #2: Stylish bike bags

The bag is a fashion essential that complements our silhouette. Riding a bike in the city does not mean giving up on carrying an elegant bag with an exclusive design. We, therefore, choose a model suitable for urban mobility with a high fashion quotient. Wanting to wear it even when we are not on our two wheels is essential.

Criterion #3: A bag that can be worn in multiple ways

Depending on the time of day and activities, we may want to change the way we carry our bag. Ideally, we opt for a versatile model that offers multiple options, such as a waist bag, handbag, shoulder bag, backpack, or with straps, for example.

Criterion #4: Bike bags with practical attachment systems

There are many bike bags available, but before making a choice, it is essential to carefully examine the attachments offered by the manufacturer. The system should be simple. When we carry a heavy bag, it is always more practical to be able to quickly attach it. Several attachment systems exist, and those with straps are the most practical and chic. This method allows attaching the bag to the handlebar, crossbar, front basket, or rear rack.

Criterion #5: Bike bags with removable attachments

While cycling, it is essential to have our belongings securely held and not be burdened. However, once we arrive at our destination, be it the office, a lunch, or an evening event, we may not want to keep visible attachment systems. The smart idea is, therefore, to choose bike bags with removable straps that can be quickly removed.

Criterion #6: Bike bags that resist the weather

Not all bike bags benefit from the same quality of raw materials. To face the rain without worrying about our beautiful bag, we make sure, for example, that the canvas is waterproof. Even better if the model has a waterproof pouch to slip over it in case of a downpour.

Criterion #7: Matching small leather goods and accessories

Cardholders, passport holders, or AirPods cases, small leather goods are essential in our daily life. A true fashion item, it is as desirable as the bag itself. Therefore, we choose a brand that offers small leather goods and accessories that match our bag.


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