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How to Attach a Bicycle Pannier?

Comment attacher une sacoche de vélo ?

When cycling, the bicycle pannier is an essential accessory for safely transporting our personal belongings. However, properly attaching a bicycle pannier can sometimes be challenging. Here are various solutions to attach our bag and fully enjoy our bike excursions.

Several methods for a bicycle pannier

To fix a bicycle pannier, whether at the front or rear of the bike, several systems exist. They can be fixed or removable. It all depends on whether we want to attach the pannier to the handlebars, the luggage rack, the saddle… One of the oldest methods to attach a bicycle pannier is to use hooks and straps. We attach the hooks to the rear luggage rack of the bike and then adjust the straps to securely hold the pannier in place. Easy to install, this solution is nevertheless not very stable on rough terrains, and there is a risk of the pannier swinging when not properly fixed. Not aesthetically pleasing, this system may damage your beautiful bag, which is not really designed to be held this way.

The FARET plate

Maison FARET innovates with its “FARET” plate. This leather centerpiece, present on all models, allows attaching the bicycle pannier to several elements of the bike. The trick lies in the subtle notches that allow straps to slide in. The pannier can thus be attached according to the cyclist’s preference.

Several points to attach the bicycle pannier

Thanks to Maison FARET’s “FARET” plate, the pannier can be attached according to the cyclist’s preference.

  • At the level of the handlebars. This practical arrangement allows the cyclist to keep the essentials within reach, whether to grab their phone in an instant or find their keys.
  • At the level of the crossbar. The bicycle pannier attaches securely. It then becomes possible to fully focus on the itinerary, in complete serenity.
  • On the luggage rack. The weight of the journey seems lighter. This is one of the most comfortable options.

The removable FARET attachments

Upon arrival at the destination, the cyclist can, with a simple gesture, detach the straps, thereby freeing the pannier from its temporary attachments. A significant aesthetic advantage for both men and women, as the straps can be completely removed! Discover all the models of bicycle panniers that have the FARET plate.


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