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Passport Holder, Card Holders: Ultra-Desirable Articles

Porte passeport cartes : des articles ultra-désirables

Passport holders, card holders, and AirPods cases are positioned as ultra-desirable pieces, combining functionality and aesthetics, and are among this season’s must-haves. With their meticulous design and high-quality materials, these small items become true objects of desire.

The Passport Holder: Elegance in Travel

Why we love it?

For modern travelers, the passport holder is much more than a simple item of small leather goods. It embodies elegance and organization with every journey. The passport holder offers dedicated storage for the passport, tickets, and cards, while remaining compact and easy to slip into a handbag, backpack, or travel bag. In addition to its functional aspect, the passport holder has become a genuine fashion accessory, allowing travelers to showcase their style and refinement at every identity checkpoint.

Our flagship model

The SLG2 FARET Passport Holder

The Card Holder: Minimalism and Practicality

Why we love it?

In the era of minimalism and optimized storage, the card holder is a must-have. This small item offers an elegant solution for carrying credit cards, business cards, and bills without cluttering pockets. It adds a touch of sophistication to our daily life while keeping the essentials at hand. Our flagship model

The SLG1 FARET Card Holder

The AirPods Case: A Cocoon for Technology

Why we love it?

AirPods have become essential in our connected era, and it’s crucial to protect them with style. That’s where the AirPods case comes into play. Designed to be practical and aesthetic, the case offers optimal protection for your cherished wireless earbuds.

Our flagship model

The SLG3 FARET AirPods Case

Passport Holder or Card Holder: Reliable Choices

In the world of fashion, every detail matters, and small leather goods are a true treasure that complements our look with sophistication. These luxurious items made of finely crafted leather with FARET monogram canvas testify to the excellence of craftsmanship and embody pure elegance. From passport holders to card holders, and AirPods cases, these refined pieces have become more than just practical items; they represent the reflection of our personality and style. A must with our bag.


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