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This fashionable backpack for going from the office to a dinner party

Sac à dos mode pour passer du bureau à un diner

Gone are the days of the basic, utilitarian backpack, and the Ferret model from FARET is now shaping our fashion desires with its blend of tradition and modernity. The era of the backpack that perfectly combines elegance and functionality for urban cyclists has finally arrived!

The history of the Ferret backpack

The design of this unisex backpack in leather and canvas is inspired by the first bags made by Cycles FARET in Bordeaux starting in 1907. For over a century, the FARET family name has been synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and a passion for the world of two wheels. With its unique concept for bicycles, exclusive fabric with sublimated logo, high-quality materials and workshops bearing the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label, the brand has set the bar exceptionally high, much to the delight of urban cycling enthusiasts.

A remarkably versatile backpack

As soon as you start looking for a backpack, it’s the same story. We have attempted to find a model that will infuse your look with a dose of novelty. We understand that those who often cycle around town are also looking for a clever bag. The Ferret backpack perfectly meets the expectations of city cyclists who aspire to timeless elegance without sacrificing comfort. In fact, this Ferret bag can easily be transformed into a handbag, adapting the carrying style to suit your needs and lifestyle.

A backpack that can be attached anywhere

Designed to blend harmoniously with our bikes, the Ferret backpack can be attached at various points: frame, handlebars, crossbar, front basket or rear rack. The touch of ingenuity lies in the FARET signature leather plate, serving as a sturdy attachment for our bag.

A high-quality backpack

The combination of high-end leather and FARET’s exclusive, hard-wearing, waterproof canvas gives this backpack incomparable durability in the face of everyday urban challenges, without sacrificing undeniable elegance. As with all Faret bicycle bags.

A safe bet all year round

The Ferret backpack embodies timeless fashion allure and can be worn with ease by styleconscious women and men alike. A testament to unwavering craftsmanship, it reflects the distinctive style for which the Maison FARET is renowned. The Ferret backpack is available in a range of colors.


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